helps technologies
to understand each other
We all dream of a smart home that will make life simpler for us.
Myjordomus is an application that brings such a future within your reach.

Control everything from one place

Myjordomus links all of the technologies that you use in your home or office.

You will be able to control them from a single application in your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

From now until forever.
From anywhere in the world.

As secure
as a bank

Where else do you feel truly safe but in your home?

Myjordomus utilises encrypted communications and the same level of security that banks have.

If you trust your internet banking service, you can also trust Myjordomus.

You save
because you know

Whether you are at home or at the office, you always want to know what's going on.

Myjordomus checks if you have switched off the lights or if the heating is running unnecessarily.

It saves you money and time.

How does Myjordomus do it

In real time, over the internet
and it's always encrypted

PC, tablet, phone

Myjordomus is prepaid,
like a service

Technologies are constantly developing and new trends are emerging.
Myjordomus is never behind the curve, and develops right alongside them.

This is also why you do not pay a one-time fee,
but prepay it as a service.

Price begins at € 99
per month, and includes

  • Implementation
  • Application for iOS / Android
  • Customer support
  • Initial consultation and case study
  • First month of testing free of charge

Invite Myjordomus
into your home

We do not only have one solution
that we offer to everyone

First, we determine what type of solution you need, and then we establish a plan

After this, we install Myjordomus,
and set it up


Month free testing

It is like having a custom tailored suit. You can decide for yourself whether it satisfies your expectations. We offer the first month of testing for free.

Take the first step

Would you like to know more about Myjordomus?
Contact us

We will get in touch with you

At your service

Marek Řezáč
General manager