helps technologies
to understand each other

We all dream of a smart home or office that will make life simpler for us.
Myjordomus is an application that brings such a future within your reach.
Iot - internet of things
Control everything

Control everything
from one place

Lights, energy consumption, roller blinds.
Control everything in only one app.
From anywhere in the world.

Safe and secure

as a bank

If you trust your internet
banking service, you can also
trust Myjordomus.

Processing and analysis of your data

You save because
you know

Myjordomus always checks
if you have switched
off the lights.

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Palette of solutions

We do not only have one solution
that we offer to everyone

Choose what is working for you

First, we determine what type of solution you need, and then we establish a plan

Works out of the box

After this, we install Myjordomus,
and set it up


Month free testing

It is like having a custom tailored suit. You can decide for yourself whether it satisfies your expectations. We offer the first month of testing for free.

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