Open and Live
We are MyMight.
We make people's lives easier
  • Our applications help you to take full advantage of the IoT
  • We design them so that they save your time
  • We are an experienced team. We know how the IT world works
  • Our solutions satisfy the most stringent security demands
  • We want working with technology to be fun

What we do and why we do it

Connect to the world of technologies

We create a world in which technology serves people

A world in which technology functions easily, securely, and reliably.

That functions in a manner that allows you to solely dedicate yourself to the most important parts of your life. Family, friends, and work.

Make your life easier

We make life simpler.
Every day. Every minute

Every day, we think about how we can make working with technology easier.

We give you the space and energy to live life to its fullest.

What we think about
when we work



We untie people's hands and open their eyes. We help them utilise technology effectively and with enjoyment.



Our application is easy for anyone to use. It always accommodates the needs of the user.



We never play for nothing. We strive for maximum clarity and fairness.


Out of the Box

We work to change people's point of view. And we show them a more interesting and simpler world.


We are present only in the places where we are needed

We do not develop solutions just for the sake of having a solution, and we do not call unnecessary attention to ourselves.