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Myjordomus links all technologies that you use in your home into one simple application.
You are able to control all lights, heating, sunblinds, multimedia or security system from anywhere in the world.
For your household

What Myjordomus can?


Save your time

Do not waste your time with routine tasks around your home, Myjodomus will take care of it automatically.


Reduce energy costs

Myjordomus provides you an overview of electricity, water and gas consumption. At the same time, he checks whether the heating is not running unnecessarily.


Inform you in time

Broken plumbing? Alarm on? Situations that need to be resolved quickly. In these cases, Myjordomus immediately alerts you.


Ensure safe household

Safety is for Myjordomus priority number one. You do not have to worry that your house will be illegally remotely opened.

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