Teaching technologies
to understand each other
Myjordomus platform is a simple connection between your organization and the world of smart technologies.
Keep all your buildings under control and check efficiency of energy consumption.
For your organization
Measurement of energy consumption

Collect data of energy
consumption in a real time

Adjust the settings according to the measurement

Modify the behavior of your
building as needed

Reduce energy costs

Thanks to Myjordomus
you’ll reduce energy costs

Solution benefits


Easy integration of other technologies

Myjordomus has a simple application interface, which is easily connectable to your own information system.


Cost savings

Water leak? Thanks to Myjordomus you’ll be immediately informed about disrepairs and able to react in time.


High-level security

Myjordomus utilises encrypted communication and the same level of security that banks have.


Reliable support

We guarantee full customer support. You can always rely on fast and quality solutions.

Smart metering

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